What to Wear: Family Edition…and a bonus!

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Today we have a very special edition of “What to Wear”!  Our dear friend (and favorite stylista), Lauren, is back with some fabulous options for family photos!   After you check out her styling tips, please read below for an opportunity for a FREE SESSION!


What to wear family photos

Hi KGP fans!  It’s Lauren from Stylized Existence here to give you more outfit inspiration for your upcoming Fall sessions.

Many of Kelly’s clients request rural settings for their photo sessions, so I put together the collection of Fall outfits below with nature in mind.  When someone views your photos, you want their eye to go to your faces, the smiles, the happiness and love that exudes from the photograph.  You want to select your clothing so that, as a whole, it complements your surroundings while allowing the attention to remain on your faces.

The outfits below are truly inspired by nature.  I started building the collection by choosing Mom’s outfit first.  Army vests are a good way to bring in a natural, rugged feel without going too far, and they’re really complementary to any figure.  The vest has a drawstring waist that can be cinched if you want to wear the vest closed, or it can actually hide a midsection if worn open.  Mom’s orange striped shirt to be worn under the vest is a classic piece and blends perfectly with both nature and the army green vest.  In order to not look too outdoorsy, Mom should dress up the look with some pointed toe flats and a gold statement necklace.

Dad’s up next, and generally he is an easy-to-dress client.  A pair of jeans, a nice neutral colored sweater, and a sharp pair of shoes will take care of him.  Pull the army green into Dad’s outfit in the form of an accessory – I chose an affordable, casual Timex watch here.

Now onto the kids, this is definitely where the fun happens.  Don’t be afraid to use some bold colors here, but keep them in line with Mom and Dad’s outfits so that there isn’t discord within the entire group.  I love prints and colors for kids, so I used a little of both here, without overdoing it.  In terms of prints, the boy and baby have gingham, polka dots, and herringbone.  At first thought, this may seem like a lot to mix; however, all of the patterns work together because their colors complement each other – this is KEY! If you are going to mix multiple patterns and colors, use complementary colors.

For the girl, I used a bold, gorgeous yellow for her TOMS shoes, but kept her outfit neutral and pulled the Army green from Mom’s vest into her skirt.  We keep Girl’s outfit from being boring by choosing pieces with different textures throughout her outfit, and her shirt has some added detail.

As you can see, each of the outfits has an element that “works” with an element in another outfit.  Don’t shy away from color, instead, think about your surroundings and embrace those colors by choosing pieces that will work with your surroundings rather than compete with them.  Choose different fabrics and patterns to create depth and interest in the photograph.   If you follow these tips, you will easily have success in choosing your family’s outfits for your upcoming session.

Girl Shirt | Girl Skirt | Girl Shoes | Baby Dress | Baby Shoes | Boy Shirt | Boy Pants | Boy Shoes

Mom Shirt | Similar Mom Shirt | Mom Shirt Similar 2 | Mom Vest | Mom Jeans | Mom Shoes (similar) | Mom Necklace | Mom Earrings

Dad Sweater | Dad Jeans | Dad Shoes | Dad Watch


Thanks, Lauren, for such an awesome post!  What Lauren DIDN’T tell you, is the special offer KGP has for you…  If you book a family session and choose to use this what to wear post as YOUR family photo inspiration, we will give you your session for FREE!  That is a $125 value!  NO SESSION FEE! **   Email kelly{at} if you are interested in taking advantage of this offer.   Only ONE family may receive this offer, so hurry!




**outfits may be identical or very similar, keeping the same style.  Session fee does not include prints, products, etc.  Not valid on weekends.  Non transferable.

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  1. Love the outfits – so fun!

  2. Alison H

    I so wish we lived in Western PA!!! The outfit selection is perfect, as is the photographer :-) It’s a win-win opportunity!

  3. great outfits. love that you included some toms in there too :)


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