The H Family


To me, nothing is better than watching a family interact.  It’s awesome to see them laughing and playing together.  You may remember this charming family from their session a couple years ago.  The kiddos have gotten bigger, but are still every bit as cute!  The entire family is fun…and adorable!  Our families have also grown to be quite close over these past few years, which made this session even more special.  I can only hope that I was able to appropriately capture this day.  It was SUCH a joy watching them play on the swings, hang out with their lovable pup, dance and more!  Sessions like these are my personal favorite.  These images are ones you want to be able to look back on years from now and remember.  Remember how it felt to swing your little girl around.  Remember those little arms wrapped around your neck.  Time goes way too fast and these memories are priceless.

To the H family…thank you SO much for inviting me into your home (err, yard) to spend time with your amazing family.  More than that, thank you for being you.  We cherish the friendship we have formed!


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  1. Great images, full of life and love!

  2. Love the different perspectives Kelly! I’m always a sucker for parent/child love shots and these are awesome!!!!!


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