Herb who?


Gotta love it!  I had been playing around with the idea of growing my own herbs.  Now, I am FAR from a gardener, or even a weeder for that matter, but I really, really wanted to give it a try.  I found some really cute ideas for indoor herb gardens on Pinterest, but still lacked the motivation to get out and buy the stuff I needed.  Can we say…procrastinator?  Yep.  Well, a local Catholic school had their annual plant sale recently.  I decided to make my way over there and buy me some herbs (and veggie plants, too, but that’s another story!).

I couldn’t stop thinking about the herb garden that Camille Styles featured.  When I saw it I thought, “I can DO that!”  So, yesterday, I DID.  We had an old wooden fence just laying on the ground (yay for never throwing stuff away!).  I broke off one of the slats and went to town.


Poor fence didn’t stand a chance.  I dug out the cheap little hand saw we own (not even convinced it’s really a saw).  I took that bad boy down!

sawing fence

Hi-ya!  It didn’t quite cut all the way through, so I had to break it in half the rest of the way.  That’s okay, afterall, I wanted it to look worn.

herb garden project

I am woman….see me saw??  Maybe not quite.  Anyway, I sanded the really rough spots down a bit, but I didn’t sand it TOO much, though.  I wanted it to have a beachy look more than a rustic look, so I painted it white.  I still wanted it to have that washed appearance, so I sanded the edges, as well.

painting fence piece for herb garden

Now, Camille Styles used canning jars for the herbs and that is what I initially intended on doing, however, I ran into problems.  The jars I already had were too small for the herbs that I had purchased.  I ran to a few stores to buy bigger ones, but I had to buy a whole CASE, which, to me, totally defeated the purpose of this low-cost do-it yourself thingy.  I fretted for a while that I wasted all this time cutting and sanding and painting and sanding again.  THEN, I remembered that I had old empty candle jars (again, yay for not throwing this stuff away)!!!  They were the perfect size for my plants 🙂

herb jar

Once I had those planted, I nailed some lovely dryer vent clamps (found at a local store $2.50 for a 2 pack) to my newly painted board.  I installed some hanging hardware on the back and minutes later….voila!

indoor herb garden

herb garden

indoor herb garden

My kitchen is now accessorized with an herb garden!  I have room on there for one more, but have not yet decided which I want to plant (any suggestions?).  The entire project cost me about $3 (dryer clamps and hanging hardware) since I already had the fence board, sand paper, paint and jars.  I am over the moon excited about it…I just hope I don’t kill them.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Look at you go!!! Love it.


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