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Okay, I know it is a bit early, but if you are like me, you may already be thinking about some ideas for your little one.  Last year, my son wanted a “cool” costume.  We looked all through the stores, but nothing was really appealing to him.  He threw out some ideas, one of which was a mummy.  I looked around a bit for a costume, seeing lots of bright white plastic kinda things.  It wasn’t doing anything for me.  I decided to attempt to make one, instead.  How hard could it be?  HAHAHA!  Actually, it wasn’t too bad and would have been much easier if I had a sewing machine.  ANYWAY…

I went to the store and bought a cheapie white sheet.  I bought a twin size, but if he had been any bigger, I would have needed a full.  I would probably recommend going with the full, just in case.  I didn’t want the mummy to be bright white.  I figure, a REAL mummy has been around for, oh, a few years, and would probably show some wear.  I decided to cut the sheet up into lots of strips.  They varied in width (I’m not a master cutter, it turns out).  I’d say anywhere from 1.5″-3″ or even 4″.  I know the idea is to wash before dying, so I threw them in the wash….oops.  What happens when you wash a bunch of stuff with cut edges…???

Ripped sheets

Oh ya, that’s right.  A giant mess.  Thankfully, I have a very patient husband who did NOT freak out like I did and helped me separate the chaos.

Once that feat was tackled, we moved on to the dying process.  I’ve heard lots about tea dying, but had no personal experience with it.  I googled it and came up with a few methods.  I winged it.  I put a bunch of tea bags in the sink with some boiling water and let the frayed remnants of a sheet soak.  I’m not exactly sure how long I left them in there, just until they no longer looked white, maybe 15-20 minutes?

Tea Dying Mummy Costume

I then dried them and let them lay out overnight, in hopes they would straighten out a but.  I didn’t want them perfect, but they were, quite frankly, a mess.

I ended up with some beautifully worn, old-looking strips of sheet.  YAY!

I took an old pair of grey sweatpants and turned them inside out.  I also had an old white turtleneck that I decided to dye the same way I did the sheets.  It was perfect!  Unfortunately I do not have a pic of it before I wrapped it all up, but trust me, it looked good.

NOW it was time for sewing.  This is the part that I would HIGHLY recommend using a sewing machine for.  I do not have one, so I did it by hand.  LONG.AND.PAINFUL.  It took me several days of sitting at the table, tediously stitching the strips to the pants and shirt.  It’s a good thing he liked the costume because it was, to be perfectly honest, a giant pain in the rear.  I started at the bottom and worked my way up.

DIY Mummy

By the time I started on the top, I was DONE.  I ended up sending B to the store to get fabric glue.  Although I could tell where I put the glue, it was SO worth it.  I will warn you, though, in case you are considering the glue route…it does NOT give.  Even though there was stretch to the shirt, it was so stiff once the glue hardened.  It didn’t bother P too much, but it was difficult to get it on him.

When the big day was here, I put the pants on him, then the top.  I thought it blended together pretty well.  I put some “creepy” make-up on his face, per his request, and messed his hair all up.  The I took the remaining strips of sheet and wrapped it around his head, tying it up to secure it.  The end result?  A scary mummy!

Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween Costume Creating!  Enjoy!

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I am a custom photographer located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. While I still consider myself a portrait photographer, I like to lean toward a “lifestyle” approach, capturing people as they are on a day-to-day basis, rather than a very posed look. Using the natural light is my very favorite way to photograph, so most of my work is done on-location and outdoor. I love what I do and hope it reflects in my work.
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  1. Tina

    OMG, this is so awesome Kelly! You are such a good mom to sit and do this. I would have given up at the sewing part as that is so annoying to me! Great costume! Hope he doesn’t change his mind before October! 🙂

  2. My son wanted to be an astronaut, but when his costume came in the mail it was way too big! So, we need to return it. He has since changed his mind and now wants to be a mummy. I’m thrilled because I really wanted to make his costume, anyway! While searching on Pinterest, I came across this! I just love it! I am sad though because I just cut off my son’s hair and I would love to have his hair all crazy, as well! It would just complete the look a little more, I think! 😉

    Great job! Thanks for sharing!



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