The G Family Does It Again!

Yes they did!

I could go on and say the same thing I always do…about how great it is to watch the kids grow up, etc, etc…(and I guess I just did), but what is REALLY cool is when this wonderful friendship forms.  I am sure you would recognize the G Family from HERE, or HERE, or HERE or the other times I have posted about them.  They live in NY state and made the trip down to spend some time here visiting.  We hung out, played games, watched the Olympics…it was a great time!  I am so thankful for their friendship!  Of course, we managed to get in a nice family session while they were here, as well!  It rained ALL weekend, but then Sunday morning, the sun came out and it was gorgeous!  We took full advantage and were able to get some really fun shots.  Oh, and check out mom’s dress…isn’t it great?!  I was LOVING the polka dots!

G Family…thank you SO much for making the trip and spending time with us.  It was wonderful, as always!!!

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I am a custom photographer located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. While I still consider myself a portrait photographer, I like to lean toward a “lifestyle” approach, capturing people as they are on a day-to-day basis, rather than a very posed look. Using the natural light is my very favorite way to photograph, so most of my work is done on-location and outdoor. I love what I do and hope it reflects in my work.
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  1. Love these! I think this is my favorite session that you have done for Heather’s family. Heather looks fantastic!!!!


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