Coming Home.

Okay, so I know this blog is usually strictly business, and it will remain predominately so, however I wanted to share a little about my new house!!

With the help of my dad, I recently had the opportunity to become a homeowner!  It’s a very small, two bedroom home in which I was able to see great potential.  We closed at the beginning of December and began moving in last week.  I thought it might be fun to show some of the progress that has been made.  I will continue to do work throughout the winter and will share more images as I have them.

Here is the outside of the house, before, and then another one after Weston Excavating completed the driveway.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!  No more mud!  Now, when the kids get home from school, they can come straight into the breezeway, mud-free!

House Before & After Outside

Now, the inside wasn’t bad before, but it wasn’t my style, either.  I figured, since I was already living with my dad, it made sense to go ahead and do most of the painting, etc before I moved all the furniture in.  As it turned out, there were wonderful original hardwood floors under the carpeting!  (cue:  WHY WOULD THEY COVER THAT UP?!)  SO, being a nut about hardwood floors, I didn’t waste any time ripping that carpeting up.  I feel like I need to do a whole separate post for these floors, but I will say…C&S Cleaning Services saved my floors.  No joke.  If you need anything cleaned, call them.  Now.

So, the floors look a million times better now. SO happy.  For some reason, there is a lovely square of plywood in the middle of the living room, right under the dining table.  I know I COULD put a rug there and I’m sure it would look great.  Problem is…I have kids.  THREE of them.  Does anyone know how fun it is to clean food up off a rug?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s not fun.  SO, I am contemplating just staining it to sort of match the rest of the floors.  We shall see.  I also have SO much more to do regarding the walls.  Oh, and putting away all the “stuff” I have laying around.  I thought about shoving it all in closets to hide it for the pics, but then I thought…nah.  Such is life.  One day I will complete my organization and be able to share lovely after pics.  For now, you get the stuff.

Living Room  | KGP

Dining | KGP

Eventually I will have a new light fixture above the dining table and my coffee table will be in front of the couch, but for now, you get the idea.

Living Room | KGP

The two bedrooms were very similar.  Both had dark blue walls and ceilings (semi-gloss??) and dark trim.  Those that know me might say I am obsessed with white walls.  I wouldn’t say obsessed…. 

My room is near completion but the kids’ has a ways to go yet.

Bedroom | KGP

Oh, did I mention my room is also my office??

Home Office | KGP

Kids’ room.  Blahhh…I’ll finish it one of these days…

Kids Room | KGP

Now, the kitchen, bathroom and breezeway have been heavily ignored thus far.  Now that Christmas is over, I am hoping to get to the rest of these projects.  It sure takes time, doesn’t it?!

I plan to eventually paint the kitchen cabinets.  White.

Kitchen | KGP

Bathroom.  Will be white.  Surprised?

Bathroom | KGP

Annnnd, the breezeway.  Apparently, right now, it’s where I am unloading my car over and over again.  Poor breezeway.  She’ll be excited to be a beautiful, functional space.  Eventually.

Breezeway | KGP

So.  There you have it.  It’s tiny and functional and I love it.  It will force me further into the minimalist lifestyle that I crave and it will be great.  Stay tuned 🙂

About Kelly Gorney

I am a custom photographer located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. While I still consider myself a portrait photographer, I like to lean toward a “lifestyle” approach, capturing people as they are on a day-to-day basis, rather than a very posed look. Using the natural light is my very favorite way to photograph, so most of my work is done on-location and outdoor. I love what I do and hope it reflects in my work.
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  1. Nicole D.

    oh I love it. I love what you’ve done so far. Thumbs up on the all white, I am right there with you. So fresh, cheerful, clean, and simple. I am coveting that breezeway. Congratulations on your new space, so happy for you!


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