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I came to the realization that I really haven’t shared much of the kids room.  All three littles share this space. When we first bought the house, there was some kickback (primarily from the oldest, and only boy) about having to share. Our options were limited and I decided that they would have to learn to be okay with it. Well…they have. In fact, Peyton said to me not long ago, that he really loves our house. It caught me off-guard and I told him that it surprised me, given how upset he was about cohabitating with his two sisters. He said to me “You know…it’s not so bad. I kind of like it.”  SUCCESS!!!

We tried to make the space a pretty neutral ground for the sibs.  These amazing beds were found second-hand by a great friend. She saw the lines on them and knew immediately that I would fall in love. She was right.  They were pretty banged up, but nothing that some white paint couldn’t fix.

Kids Room | Bunk Beds | KGP Coming Home

The kids love to read, so there are books everywhere. I’m slowly working on making “homes” for them all. Step one was painting crates to use as a night stand/book shelf.  It does the job and was inexpensive.

Kids Room | KGP Coming Home

I still have this mess in the corner to contend with. I wanted a cute mid-century chair and book shelves on the wall, but right now, it’s become a toy corner.

Kids Room | KGP Coming Home

There is still more work to be done in the space, but it’s mainly small details. For the time being, it works and the kids are happy, so I’m happy. Keep it simple, right?!

Kids Room Shared Spaces | KGP Coming Home

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  1. Missy

    Love it <3 What a great space !

  2. Great space! You have such nice natural lighting coming in the room. I love bunkbeds. I shared a room with my older brother when we were young and we had so many fun memories with our bunkbeds building forts.


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