Amanda | Class of 2016

Senior Session | Kelly Gorney Photography

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  1. Missy

    Holy Gorgeous batman !! Seriously, I adore these pictures and she is so stunning ! I love that red sweater too, perfect !!


Mr. A | Simple Newborn

Simple Newborn Session  | Kelly Gorney Photography

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Coming Home | Doors and Hoods and More!

Well, most of my nights lately have looked a bit like this:

Coming Home | KGP

I’m not complaining, though.  I find house projects oddly soothing.  I think I will be very sad once this kitchen project is over.  I love figuring out all the details and, surprisingly, doing the work.  I was able to get all the cabinets primed pretty quickly.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a few cabinets shorter than I was!  YAY!  Those new cabinets that were along the back wall??  GONE.  YEP.  It now looks 500 times bigger in here!

Kitchen Project  |  KGP Coming Home

You may also noticed that I painted the breezeway door.  What a HUGE difference!  Natural wood is great, however, this door had been beat up pretty bad.  Someone must have kicked the door in at one point, because it didn’t even stay shut…part of the wood was removed by the handle.  I couldn’t bare getting rid of the awesome old door, SO, my dad so kindly fixed it!  He reinforced it with steel and put new hardware on.  I was in charge of making it pretty ;-)

Aqua Door | KGP Coming Home

I am in the process of putting the cabinet doors back on now.  I am SO excited to see how it comes together.  I am definitely going to need to figure out the floor situation, as well as the counters.  I would love to do white for the countertops.  I need to figure out which surface would be best, regarding stains.  I’d love any input!

Oh, and can we just take a minute to talk about this hood?!  There were about 3 inches of grease on it, but now that I’ve gotten it just about all cleaned up, I am in heaven!  Isn’t she beeeeeeautiful?!

MCM Hood | KGP Coming Home

Sigh.  This Mid-Century girl is happy.

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Mia | Headshots

Model Headshots  |  Kelly Gorney Photography

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Coming Home | The Kitchen Redo Begins!

I have been putting the kitchen off since I moved in.  I knew it was going to be a pretty big job and, quite frankly, after my mad dash to get the rest of the house done before Christmas…I needed a break.

Well, I couldn’t look at it any longer.  It’s dark and depressing.  So, on a whim this weekend, I began the kitchen redo.  I tore the top cabinet doors off and started sanding.  And sanding.  And sanding.

Now, it drives a slightly OCD girl a bit crazy to have no cabinet doors.  Ok…a lot crazy.  My house feels like it is in complete chaos right now.  I keep washing my kitchen floor, despite the fact that I KNOW it’s just going to get messed up again the next day.  Oh well…I’ll take the clean floor while it lasts!

Kitchen Before | KGP Coming Home

Once I finishing that daunting task of sanding the uppers, I primed them.  It already makes a huge difference!  The kiddos couldn’t believe it when they woke up.  They were so funny.  I was contemplating doing the bottom cabinets a different color, but they are begging me to stick with white.  We’ll see!  My good friend Betsy (and owner of the AMAZING Vacavi Cafe) had a pretty brilliant plan, so we might see if that works.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Kitchen  | KGP Coming Home

Even the difference that the trim on the window made was great.  Oh, and sunshine certainly doesn’t hurt!

Kitchen Redo | KGP Coming Home

Oh, and for fellow MCM nerds…check out the range hood!  AHHH!  It had about an inch of grease on it, but underneath all that was a beauty!  Now if I could find some copper MCM cabinet hardware…sigh.

Kitchen Redo  | KGP Coming Home

So, that’s where I am at the moment.  Been working on sanding and priming the bottoms, so I’ll post as I have more!

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  1. Missy

    Once again you will transform a “space” and it will look amazing !! Can’t wait to see the end result!!